What Is Dental Implant Surgery?

29 Jan

Dental implants are artificial components, which are implanted into the jaw or other bone in the face to support or enhance a missing tooth. Implants provide fixed dental prosthetic devices. Dental implants have replaced many natural tooth root tissues and prosthetic teeth. Dental implants can be used for restoring function or cosmetic enhancement. Dentures are also artificial teeth which are fixed into the jawbone or skull with the help of a special oral appliance called a denture. Check out this link to find out What Dental Implant Surgery is.

Dental implants require specific surgical technique and administration compared to tooth restoration techniques. Before the introduction of a dental implant, the patient required the removal of the abutment. However, with the advancement of science and current technology, the surgical procedure has been made simple by the introduction of a thin titanium abutment directly into the jawbone or the skull. The titanium abutment acts as a base to rest the prosthetic tooth or teeth.

In most of the dental implant surgeries, the patient has to choose a tooth or teeth to replace missing teeth. The abutment is directly inserted into the jawbone or the skull, where it acts as the supporting base for the new tooth or teeth. An abutment made of titanium or ceramic material, is usually chosen after the completion of a wisdom tooth procedure in which the dentist evaluates and decides upon the best tooth or teeth to implant. Titanium is preferred because it is easily molded and shaped into any size and shape desired by the patient.

A titanium screw serves as the threaded insertion into the jawbone or the skull where the dental implant abutments are inserted. Since the threads are made of different metals, the patient needs to select a metal that has the strength and durability to sustain the implant abutment for a long period of time without wearing out. This is necessary to ensure that the artificial tooth stays in place for a long time. If the thread is not long enough, the implant abutment may break off or the dental implant may not stay in place.

Before the surgery takes place, the oral surgeon prepares the surgical site by removing a small amount of bone from the surrounding area where the tooth or teeth are to be placed. This bone is called the subnasal lip edge. The mini dental implants dentist Lexington then prepares the wound by using antiseptic mouthwash. The oral surgeon then uses an instrument called an anoscope to see into the hole or opening that is created during the surgery.

Next, the titanium screw is placed through the anoscope and then lies across the top of the jawbone. It acts as a traction for the tooth or teeth that are to be inserted into the jawbone. The titanium screws are prepared in advance by melting down and embedding them into the bone growth. Once the screws have been placed in the bone growth, the dentist holds the tooth in place with tiny instruments that help support the tooth. The last thing to do is to close up the incision with stitches.  If you want to know more about this topic, then click here: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/implant.

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