How Dental Implants Are Used

29 Jan

A dental implant is basically a surgical component which interfaces functionally with the patient's bone or gum tissue to support or secure a dental prosthetic for example a crown, bridge, dental tooth implant or denture. The concept of dental implants has gained acceptance in the USA under the direction of the ADA (American Dental Association). The implant is surgically implanted into the jawbone through a minor surgical procedure. Dental implants help restore chewing function and can also replace missing teeth.

The dental implant acts like a tooth root but unlike a natural tooth root the dental implants do not grow out of the bone. The bone or gum tissue is actually cemented securely into the jaw after the implant has been placed. There are two types of implants which are; removable (or removable) and fixed (frozen). Removable dental implants are recommended for patients who are unable to eat or chew properly due to some reason like trauma, infection or disease and also when the gum or jaw bone cannot support the implant due to any reason.

The fixed dental implants are supported and secured by the remaining bone and gum tissues. In case of a fixed dental implants, the whole process is completed by the dentist during a normal dental surgery. The mini dental implants dentist Lexington places the dental implants in the jaw bone after making a small incision along the gum line. After making the incision, enough bone or gum tissue is also removed so as to allow the dentist to remove the implant easily and comfortably. However the benefits of fixed dental implants are not as prominent as they used to be in the past as there is less or no growth of the jaw bone or gum tissue and hence the oral hygiene and ability to chew food are lost.

Depending upon the type of dental implants required by the patient, the treatment plans are designed and followed. The treatment for tooth loss following a major accident is different as compared to that of a patient who suffers from severe tooth loss due to disease or due to a pre-existing condition. A patient with tooth loss due to disease would require more extensive treatment plan than one having tooth loss due to tooth loss because the root of the tooth is generally intact and functioning well; whereas tooth loss due to tooth loss or disease can be addressed and treated effectively by a single oral procedure and requires less maintenance and is no longer expensive in comparison to the former. Similarly, a patient with tooth loss due to tooth loss or disease can also recover from tooth loss by a single oral procedure at home and therefore need not look for more extensive treatment procedures at a regular dentist's clinic. On the other hand a patient recovering from tooth loss due to disease needs to seek a more extensive treatment plan and might require dentists specializing in teeth restoration surgeries.

Tooth implants and bone grafting have become more popular in recent times due to the fact that they are safe and offer good results. Patients opting for dental implant dentistry and bone grafting need to have healthy gums and enough bone available. It is important that the gums around the implant site are healthy as this is the place where the implant material is anchored. Moreover, implants require minimum care after they have been fitted into the mouth since they have minimal movement and can be kept neat and tidy. However, one cannot expect immediate results and it takes a period of time for the implants to function properly. The bone grafting procedure is a lot more complex and is usually only performed on people who have lost all their teeth.

Full arch open dentures help restore normal chewing function to people suffering from partial dentures and open dentures. Since the full arch type of open dentures offers a wider entry for the implant screws and since it requires a stronger jawbone to hold them firm, patients opting for dental implants need to go through a special surgical procedure before they are fitted. It is important to note that full arch open dentures are generally only suitable for people who suffer from complete loss of teeth. Similarly, if one is suffering from a serious disease like heart disease or diabetes, then one might need to rethink about dental implants.   You may need to check out this article: to get more info on the topic.

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